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Module: gossamer.core

Clojars coordinates: [bract/gossamer.core "0.6.0-0.1.0"]

Context keys

Context key Value Description
:gossamer/calfpath-routes Vector of maps Vector of Calfpath route maps
:gossamer/route-wrappers Vector of fns Vector of route wrapper functions

Config files

The following config resources are provided with the module:


All inducers exposed by bract.ring are in the namespace bract.ring.inducer. A summary is below:

Inducer function Input context keys Output context keys Description
log-mdc-codec-init-only FIXME FIXME FIXME
register-logback-deinit FIXME FIXME FIXME
log-mdc-codec-init FIXME FIXME FIXME
calfpath-routes->ring-handler FIXME FIXME FIXME
apply-route-wrappers FIXME FIXME FIXME


This module may be easily used using its Leiningen template.

lein new gossamer <application-name>


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