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Module: bract.ring

Clojars coordinates: [bract/bract.ring "0.6.0-0.1.0"]

Context keys

Context key Value Description
:bract.ring/ring-handler (fn [request]) -> response Ring handler function

Config files

The following config resources are provided with the module:


All inducers exposed by bract.ring are in the namespace bract.ring.inducer. A summary is below:

Inducer function Input context keys Output context keys Description
apply-middlewares :bract.ring/ring-handler :bract.ring/ring-handler Apply Ring middlewares
apply-wrappers :bract.ring/ring-handler :bract.ring/ring-handler Apply Ring wrappers


Wrappers are functions (fn [handler context]) -> handler used to decorate the Ring handler. Wrappers are applied using the inducer bract.ring.inducer/apply-wrappers. The following wrappers are provided:

Wrapper function Description
bract.ring.wrapper/uri-prefix-match-wrapper Match URI based on prefix
bract.ring.wrapper/uri-trailing-slash-wrapper Easy URI matching by making trailing slash optional
bract.ring.wrapper/traffic-drain-wrapper Respond with HTTP 503 during application shutdown
bract.ring.wrapper/distributed-trace-wrapper Make distributed tracing headers available in request
bract.ring.wrapper/params-normalize-wrapper Normalize params added by wrap-params middleware
bract.ring.wrapper/health-check-wrapper Add health-check endpoint - app needs to hook into
bract.ring.wrapper/info-endpoint-wrapper Add /info endpoint to report runtime information
bract.ring.wrapper/ping-endpoint-wrapper Add /ping endpoint that responds with pong
bract.ring.wrapper/unexpected->500-wrapper Turn bad Ring responses and exceptions into HTTP 500

Each wrapper may be disabled or enabled based on configuration and they accept several other config parameters.

Entry points

This module provides entry points for development purpose.

To integrate with lein-ring put the following in your project.clj:

:plugins [[lein-ring "0.12.3"]]
:ring {:port    3000                      ; <- optional
       :nrepl   {:start? true :port 3001} ; <- optional
       :handler bract.ring.dev/handler
       :init    bract.ring.dev/init!}

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